Online Health & Fitness – journey to the new you!

Are you time-poor and budget conscious but want to increase your health and fitness level?Well here’s how. Use your Smartphone and download our fitness app. Easy. Yes, you heard right. The 21st century is here and with it Smart Phone Fitness Coaching. It’s your personal fitness program and coach at your fingertips.



Get started today in 3 easy steps: email enquiry  ⇨ receive a link in your inbox ⇨ download app and PRESTO! You’re in!

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What do I get once I download the app?

1. Workouts customised to suit you and your lifestyle

During a pre-screen interview, you and your coach will discuss and plan a suitable training program to help you achieve your goals. This will keep you on track and focused. This can be via Skype, in person, or via e-mail - Your Choice!


2. Access to a personal training plan, follow-ups and check-ins to your own workouts, and have 24/7 contact with your coach

It’s an effortless tap and swipe and you’re in! You’ll be navigating through your training program like a professional in no time.

3. Enjoy the benefit of scheduled workouts and stay committed to beating your personal best using the fitness app

This means you can do your workouts in private. No-one can see you sweat, hear you grunt and groan AND definately no fear of judgement or body shaming.

4. Are you interested in meal plans? Easy. Your coach can set these up.

Your coach will customise a meal plan for you – no more wasting precious time flicking through mountains of recipe books. Instead, tap and swipe breakfast, lunch or dinner menus. It’s all at your fingertips.

5. You can track body statistics and take before and after photos

Have you been blown away by "before and after" shots of the unfit, unhealthy, and overweight in magazines, your social media feed – or weight-loss television shows?

Well now you can track your body statistics and/or take progress shots as you head closer towards your fitness goal. Not only that, once you successfully reach your personal best you can amaze others with photographic and statistical evidence of your success.

Your self-confidence will increase as you achieve your targets - you’re a winner!

6. Workout reminders

In a world full of busy-ness - important appointments can be missed!!  To save you missing out on scheduled workouts LET technology help you - just set your push notification reminders. Your app will do the rest!

7. Need help? You can Message or Skype your coach in real-time

There’s no need to drive through traffic or catch crowded public transport to get one-on-one time with your trainer. Nope. Message or Skype your coach from wherever you are (reception permitting) and relax.


See? Told you it was easy.


There’s no denying it takes resilience, personal responsibility and willpower to stay the distance to get over the finish line.

  • Do you have a clear goal what level of health and fitness you want to achieve?

  • Do you have what it takes but also want the freedom to choose where and when you exercise?

  • Do you want to save time and money while you do the fitness program?


If your answer is YES, the good news is that your opportunity to go for gold has arrived.

Simply choose 1 of 2 training packages:

6 Week Training Pack

12 Week Training Pack

P.S. Current members can get access to a new training plan every 6 weeks PLUS a 30 minute goal setting session based on progress @ $5 a week MEMBERS PACK (total $30)


What you need:

  • Smartphone (Android / Apple / IOS)

  • PayPal Account

  • WiFi or good internet connection – especially for Skyping


So why wait? Get started today in 3 easy steps: email enquiry  ⇨ receive a link in your inbox ⇨ download app and PRESTO! You’re in!


So why wait? Get started today and email us with subject heading Online Training Package Deal # 6 Week or 12 Week to secure your training plan, and your coach will get back to you

FREE EBOOK for all new members!

You're only going to see your coach a couple times using this app, I will include a great e-book just for you!

In this great eBook, you'll get:

  • The basics of real nutrition
  • 7 Steps to succeed in getting and maintaining their goal
  • Weekly articles to keep them motivated and focused
  • The definitions they need to understand how simple real nutrition actually is
  • Top 10 nutrition myths to help them cut through the noise.